Sea safari.
Safari Blue is a full day trip exploring the very beautiful Conservation area of Menai Bay, south-west of Zanzibar Island.

It includes use of top quality snorkeling with guides , ice cold sodas, mineral water and beer, a delicious Zanzibari seafood lunch with grilled fish and slipper lobster, gastronomic fruit tasting, coffee and Amarula liqueur.
We round the day off by returning to Fumba by traditional lanteen sail.

Swim with dolphins.
Dolphins can be seen along the coast, and it is
a incredible experience.

Especially in Kizimkazi in the south/vest of Zanzibar.

You can swim close to the dolphins, they are very social animals, if you are lucky you even get to play with them.

Menai Bay
Menai Bay has been designated as a Conservation Area since 1998 due to its outstanding natural beauty.

The bay has a number of pristine sandbanks, naturally carved by the sea, wind and waves. The sandbanks and uninhabited islands that litter the bay are perfect stepping stones to explore the area.

Join the crew for a sail on an “ngalawa”- a local canoe with outriggers which has been carved from a single mango tree.
As Safari Blue comes to an end and we return by traditional lanteen sail, the full splendour of the African sunset reveals itself.

Deep sea fishing.
Pemba is recommended to experience deep sea fishing in the Indian Oceans.

The most challenging fish is blue and black marlin and swordfish, and several bigger shark. A real big experience for the adventurous people.

Deep sea fishing.
Zanzibar is reputed to have some of the best diving in the world, and the coral reef structures that surrounds Unguja and Pemba, ensure that the marine life is abundant.

Good visibility (60 - 200 feet) and a year-round average water temperature of 80 degrees ensure that you enjoy your Zanzibar diving experience.

Diving schools on Zanzibar.

Good diving places.

You can ask Rama our caretaker, he also knows where the good schools and diving places are.
Prison Island Boat Trip
It is a relaxation excursion that takes half-day on the beautiful island off the Zanzibar Town. The use of the island has changed overtime.

Although it was originally built as a prison it was never put into that function. Later it was used as a quarantine of slaves for the whole of East Africa.

The remnants of the built are still visible. The island offers a stunning view of the Town especially during the night; there is very beautiful minor sandy beach where swimming on the crystal waters is marvelous.

The coral reefs surrounding the island provide an opportunity of snorkeling. This is also a home of the giant tortoise, which is now under strict conservation.
Spice tour.
Four hour guided tour, which starts at Kibweni Palace through to Kidichi.

Here are the Persian Baths built by Seyyid Said Sultan for his wife the Princess Shehrzard, one of the family member of the Shah of Persia.

You will then proceed to Kizimbani spice plantations. Here you can see, touch and sometime taste a wide variety of spices, fruits, herbs and ornamental plants and flowers.
Jozani rainforest.
You can visit the Jozani rainforest. Here can you can experience special palms and very nice nature.

ed silk monkeys and Columbus monkeys a other monkey species, that only reside på Zanzibar.

Jozani rainforest is a part from a eco-friendly project. The people from the villages works as guides.

Experience the monkeys.
The Red Colombus Monkey has been isolated on Zanzibar to least 1,000 years.

About one third of the red colobus live in and around Jozani Forest.


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Zanzibar Land Animals Park
A few kilometers west of Jozani forest, on the road to Kizimkazi lies ZALA Park.

ZALA Park is like a zoo with pens and compounds, mostly reptiles, it is a very good place for kids.

The park
is one of the places you can observe snakes and lizards up close.
Zala Park