Jambiani is a bigger village with about 8000 inhabitants and it is 3 kilometers long. It is located at the southeastern part of Zanzibar, 40 kilometers from the capital Stone Town.

Jambiani is an authentic city, and it is nice to watch the locals in their everyday life, on the beach, in the town or on the ocean.

Most of the people in Jambiani earn their money from the nature, seaweed, fishing and from tourism.

A strong community.
Jambiani is peculiar in that way, that the city have saved up to build up a medical center, where there is a doctor and a nurse.

Everybody in Jambiani has a collective attitude, so the community in Jambiani is very strong, so that everybody including the tourists can feel safe and secure.

The coral reef is very close to the shore, on certain hours, when it's low tide, you can almost go out to the coral reef, it takes about 15 min. and it is a good opportunity to study coral fish and plants.

There several shops in Jambiani, around the corner is there a groceries, were you can get most commodities.


The people on Zanzibar and Jambiani really like to play football, there is about 5 football fields in Jambiani, and that is allot for a city like Jambiani.

There is allot of bicycles in Jambiani, it is a nice way to get around, and also many people are riding bikes on the beach.
You can borrow a bicycle in Jambiani guesthouse.

You have to get used to that the power shuts down in Jambiani, actually in all of Zanzibar.
There is is scheduled times, when the power shuts down, that is also why you can find a lot of candles in the guesthouse.
You can ask Rama when the power shuts down, he knows when.

There is allot of fishermen in Jambiani, and right next to the guesthouse, is some old fishermen fixing the nets.


Common for all restaurants in Jambiani is, that you have to order in advance. So tell the restaurant at least 1 hour before, what you want for dinner.

You can also tell Rama the caretaker, and he can call the restaurant, and order the food.

In most of the restaurants, it is allowed to eat with your fingers, like most of the locals do.

On Zanzibar there is allot of seafood, lobster, kingfish, squid and shrimps.

There's plenty of opportunities try the zanzibarian kitchen, that is a compound from african - indian - asian and european food.

There is many different vegetables, often coconut and there is plenty opportunity to get vegetarian food.

Garden restaurant.
The restaurant is only 5 min. walk from the guesthouse, and is right by the ocean.
It is a nice place, traditional zanzibarian dishes, and also european dishes.





A very authentic restaurant, there is allot of locals, and Pingo restaurant is right next to Jambiani Guesthouse.
It is also a nice place, if you just want to enjoy a Kilimanjaro or Safari beer.




Okala restaurant - Cooking courses.

Okala restaurant has courses in zanzibarian cooking. Often when there are enough people, they light a fire and play the drums.




A bit further up the beach is Fishers.
It is a really good fish restaurant, a lot of different dishes to choose from, and they are well prepared.

They make some really nice crepes for dessert.




Kipte is a bar, and where you find a little more party like atmosphere.
It is also a good place, if you want to meet other tourists.
It is a little more "up to date" than the other places you can find in Jambiani, good music, often reggae which the locals really like.

Practical Information

Local language.
If you want greet some of the locals, you should learn some of these phrases.
The people in Jambiani greet each other a lot, even if you don't know them, they greet and talk to you.

Words in Zanzibarian.
Hakuna matata No worries
Karibu Welcome or your welcome
Polle polle Slowly or take it easy
Jambo General greeting
Mambo What's up
Salama Aleikum Peace with you
Dalla dalla Mini-bus
Nzuri Good
Ndiyo Yes
Hapana No
Sawa Okay
Bei Gani
How much - Price?

There is 2 Internet cafe's in Jambiani, so you can read your E-mail, and do a little surfing.
The connection is not fast, but works well.

Mobile phone.
It is no problem to use your mobile phone in Jambiani, you can get a Zanzibarian simcard.


There is not so many mosquito's in Jambiani, because it is right by the ocean. The mosquito's comes out after sundown, in the guesthouse there is mosquito nets and mosquito spray.

Currency on Zanzibar is called schilling.
1000 schilling is about 1$

It is a good idea to have some cash, Dollar or Schilling, when you arrive.
In Stone Town.

Banks and Credit card.
In Stone Town you can find allot of ATM's and there is 3 different banks.

Electricity 220 - 240 V AC, 50 Hz

Public transport.
The public busses on Zanzibar is called Dala Dala's
Taxi's is allot more comfortable, a taxi from Stone Town to Jambiani costs about 40 $

In Jambiani you can also rent bicycle/scooter.





A nice place for kids.
Zanzibar is very nice place for kids, likewise is the people very friendly, and there is almost no crime on Zanzibar.
The children on Zanzibar are very playful, and are not afraid to talk to strangers.





Drums and dance on beach.
Many of the locals on Zanzibar is very fond of playing drums, making fire on the beach and
sing and dance.

People on Zanzibar really like to have a good time, play football, play on the beach, and just live hakuna matata.